Friday, February 18, 2011

Once Bitten, Twice Bitten...

Ride Cafe's house cat indicated with its forehead against my knuckles that it was petting time. I was wary of this crooked-tailed puss for it was a reputed biter. But wanting something to pet I cautiously gave in and moved my hand from head to neck once, twice then neck to tail a few times before moving to some kitty pressure points, which I massaged in circular motions. A tried and true recipe for a purr.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pai in the Sky

It was Tet holiday again[Chinese New Year] and Daphne and I were joined on our trip this time by our Welsh friend, Rob, who we've known since the beginning of our stay in Saigon when we took our CELTA together. This time, we had plane tickets bought and ready and flew over to Thailand, Destination: Pai.

Fighting Motion Sickness on the Pai Trail

According to T-shirts sold on Pai's two block long Walking Street, there are 762 curves between Chiang Mai and Pai and only a few options on how to get there. Airplane was out of the question. Fifty dollars for a thirty minute flight? I think not. The funnest option would have been to rent a motorbike and drive the three hour route but I was traveling in a company of three and not all of us were two wheel competent. So that leaves us with bus or minivan. Minivan is the less nausea inducing option of the two and at only 150 Bhat[5USD] very reasonable.