Thursday, October 4, 2012

Near Miss

I came home to an inconvenient surprise last night.  About five fire trucks were crammed into our tiny alley and I was barred access to my building.  Apparently, it was on fire.  It seems no one was hurt, and fortunately for myself the fire was in block C (where I used to live) and not in block A(where I live now).  I gave up on waiting and went to have a beer with a friend.  By the time I returned, the power was back on but the internet and cable weren't.  Residents in Block C were less fortunate as they were not allowed to return to the building until everything was sorted.  In the morning, the entrance was still blocked by firefighters although tonight they seem to be gone. However, the power is still out so even if residents are allowed back inside they have to choose between a candlelit evening or another night of hotels and friendly couches. 

Here's a link to an article with pictures.